⭐ API for trademark search (application programming interface)

Trademark search API integration (application programming interface) is much more complicated, it will require interaction with your technical staff, but the API can be connected not only to the website, but also to your internal program.
Empower your intellectual property services with's cutting-edge Trademark Search API. Seamlessly integrate our state-of-the-art search engine into your platform, delivering a tailored and comprehensive trademark search experience for your users. Elevate your offerings effortlessly – discover the future of trademark search with today!

6 months

The offer includes your national patent office and WIPO bases (international registrations, worldwide).

⭐ 12 months



Connecting an additional country.


Transform your website into a trademark search powerhouse! With our cutting-edge technology, seamlessly integrate a powerful trademark search engine directly into your site. Empower your users with real-time insights and enhance their experience. Contact us today to elevate your website's capabilities and provide a top-tier trademark search service to your audience!

White label


Unlock the potential of your intellectual property services with's White Label Trademark Search Service for 6 months. Seamlessly integrate our state-of-the-art trademark search engine into your platform, offering a branded and comprehensive search experience for your clients. Enhance your service offerings without the hassle of development – explore the possibilities with today! Simple integration: we only need the HTML code of the header and the footer of your site, as well as the “” DNS-record to IP of our server, and we will do everything for you. Please find an example of a webpage containing White Label at the end of the commercial offer.


In these countries you can use White Label for free:

US (only prior to 01.03.2025)

Russia Ukraine Morocco
Egypt Georgia Estonia
Lithuania Kenya Oman
Kazakhstan Belarus Latvia
Uzbekistan Armenia Moldova
Kyrgyzstan Bahrain